Lighting plays an important role in interior design. It enhances the aesthetic appeal and creates the right ambiance in a living space. Right lighting transforms the room into a seamless combination of functionality and style. It accentuates the corners and things of a room including floor, furniture, fittings, textures, and finishes. Let’s explore what the year 2020 has new lighting styles in store for lighting connoisseurs. 


Revamp Your Home Interior with New Lighting Styles


Two-tone Designs

wall light

Mixing differently-hued metals is a popular lighting trend of 2020. Whether it's bronze teaming up with antique gold or brass mixed with nickel, two-tone wall sconces, chandeliers, and pendant lighting fixtures will adorn traditional, contemporary and mid-century decor styles. 


Contemporary Industrial Style Pendant Lights

Modern industrial style is all about rustic and unfinished metallic finishes. Installing modern pendant lights is one of the popular new lighting styles for 2020. The blend of sleek lines and rich metal tones is perfect for adding an artistic and elegant look to your living spaces. Modern industrial pendant lights are a suitable choice for contemporary style decor and can be used as statement fixtures or centerpieces in kitchen and dining spaces. 


Big and Bold Lighting Styles

Big and bold lighting fixtures are one of the most adored new lighting styles of 2020. It’s not just an ideal lighting solution but also perfect for making a grand statement. Homeowners are now using these big and ornate lighting fixtures in the central area and balancing them with smaller fixtures around the living space to create the right ambiance. 


Sleek Geometric Patterns

Clean and curved lines, eccentric circles and strong geometric shapes are becoming quite popular. These sleek and artistic lighting fixtures accentuate living spaces with stylish illumination. Homeowners can install geometric style inspired pendant lights over dining areas or kitchen island to create a plush ambiance. 


Exquisite Table Lamps 

No doubt statement chandeliers and pendants add to the look and feel of the home, but you cannot underestimate the beauty of table lamps. Table lamps add personality and elegance to living spaces. They set the mood and bring color, texture, symmetry, and contrast to living areas.

From brushed steel style to vintage designs, Precise lighting has an extensive range of table lamps to give your space a designer look and feel. 


Let’s Wrap it Up!

A good lighting theme assures a warm and functional atmosphere in your living space. Selecting the right lighting fixture will help homeowners to create an aesthetically beautiful and functional home interior. These new lighting styles will help homeowners achieve a perfect balance between style, comfort, and practicality. 

At Precise Lighting, we have an array of lighting fixtures ranging from exquisite chandeliers to artistic sconces to add elegance, sophistication, and style to your plush commercial and residential interiors.